Database Redesign

PDMP Controlled Substance Database Redesign

The Alabama Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is pleased to announce an extensive system update designed to improve the user experience. The new user interface is more intuitive and visually pleasing, and also provides new features for the user.

PDMP Redesign

PDMP Redesign

The new redesign will include the following features:

  • Query Tab - this tab provides direct links to every query you are allowed to access
  • Prescriber Query - this function allows you to view a prescriber's controlled substance prescribing history for a specified timeframe.
  • Pharmacy Query - this function allows you to view a pharmacy's or dispensing practitioner's controlled substance dispensing history for a specified timeframe.
  • Search History Query - this function allows you to view an audit trail of all queries performed using your ID for a specified timeframe.
  • Report Queue Tab - this tab (previously the View Query Status link) allows you to view all of your available reports.
  • Help Tab - this tab provides resources that may answer any questions you have about using RxSentry, such as creating a query. These resources include online help and an electronic version of the Training Guide for Alabama Law Enforcement Officers and Training Guide for Alabama Practitioners and Pharmacists.
  • Quick Links Tab - this tab provides links to websites that you may frequently access, such as the Alabama Department of Public Health website.

If you have any questions regarding the new changes, please email the PDMP Help Desk at

Page last updated: June 6, 2017