The ADPH accreditation process began by engaging our community partners, stakeholders, and tribal organizations in completing a State level Community Health Assessment (CHA) and an Alabama Community Health Improvement Plan (ACHIP). The agency used results of the CHA and ACHIP to help develop a departmental Strategic Plan (SP). These documents are available on this accreditation website.

The purpose of the CHA is to learn about the health of the state’s population, contributing factors to higher health risks or poor health outcomes of identified populations, and community resources available to improve our health status. The CHA process collected data from multiple sources and engaged our community members, partner organizations and other stakeholders in a process to identify population demographics, health issues, and health assets and resources.

The ACHIP is a long-term systematic plan to address issues identified in the CHA. The purpose of the ACHIP is to describe how the health department and the community it serves will work together to improve the health of our state. Broad participation is essential in this process; therefore a key component is to engage the community in every stage of the process.

Essentially, partnering with ADPH to achieve accreditation will allow the health department to become more responsive to change, achieve shared-decision making, develop strong partnerships, and improve and protect the health of the community by advancing the quality and performance of our public health department.

If you would like to participate in the CHA or ACHIP processes as a community partner, complete our email form and be sure to provide information about how we may contact you.

Page last updated: March 13, 2017