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Components of a Family Planning Chart Review - Would Your Chart Stand Up To Scrutiny?

Original Broadcast Date: November 10, 2005
(2 hours)


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Program Overview

Chart review has been a mainstay of medical quality assurance programs, and it provides a number of advantages. It is efficient, cost effective and educational. Reviewing other provider's charts reinforces the essentials of good documentation. In addition, reviewing medical records reduces errors and poor standards. This presentation is designed to assist health care providers avoid the risk or untoward consequences of malpractice allegations. Patient communication and medical documentation are the best defense against the problems related to false patient expectations and subsequent malpractice actions. Part three of this Best Practice Series on documentation, will examine the chart review process and will show how specific medical records can be reviewed utilizing chart review to determine how specific medical records measure up to the standard.


Victoria L. Green, MD, JD
Associate Professor
Director of Ambulatory Care/Satellites
Director of Gynecology Comprehensive Breast Center
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

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