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Parental/Family Involvement in Title X Family Planning

Broadcast Date: June 20, 2006
(2 hours)


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Program Overview

Research has documented that parent-child communication, parental monitoring and other aspects of parent involvement will delay adolescent sexual initiation, decrease rates of adolescent premarital sexual activity, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and childbearing and reduce sexual risk behaviors. But in today's society, family structure is very diverse. Many families are fragmented. Although we can agree that parental involvement is a positive thing, what about those adolescents who do not have that?

One of the top five priorities of the 2006 Title X Family Planning Program is to "Encourage participation of families, parents, and/or other adults acting in the role of parents in the decision of minors to seek family planning services, including activities that promote positive family relationships." This obligation includes that we make every reasonable effort to encourage the adolescent to involve parents and/or guardians, whose ongoing support can be critical to an adolescent's well-being.

Many teens seek Title X Family Planning Clinics due to the fact that the services are confidential. How can we as Title X Family Planning providers encourage our adolescent clients to involve their parents or guardians in their decision making? This program will address many of the complex issues we face as providers regarding parental/family involvement.


Elise Turner, CNM
Emory University Regional Training Center
Atlanta, Georgia


Target Audience

Nurses, social workers, clinic administrators, health educators and other clinic and community outreach staff with
program responsibilities regarding adolescent sexuality.

Contact Hours

None for this program

Contact for Technical Assistance

(334) 206-5618 or email ALPHTN

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