Alabama Asthma Coalition (AAC) Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for those living with asthma in Alabama through education, advocacy, surveillance, and partnerships.

AAC Vision Statement

We strive to increase asthma awareness, initiate positive change, improve asthma management and outcomes then inspire others to act.

State Plan

The AAC, formed in 2008, brings together stakeholders from across the state. These stakeholders include Respiratory Therapists, Nurses, School Nurses and Staff, Physicians, Social Workers, Community Organizations, Industries, and multiple government agencies. The AAC wrote the 2009 Alabama Asthma State Plan, and holds meetings or conference calls on a quarterly basis to plan and discuss progress achieved on the state plan. If you would like to join the AAC please contact a member of the Asthma Program staff.

Coalition Committees

  • Healthcare: The Healthcare Committee of the AAC promotes training and educational resources for healthcare providers in Alabama, increasing the knowledge and use of NHLBI guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma. The Committee's ultimate goal is to reduce healthcare utilization and morbidity associated with asthma in Alabama.
  • Education and Outreach: The Education and Outreach Committee of the AAC develops strategies and interventions to improve the asthma friendliness of homes, childcare centers, schools, and workplaces by improving awareness and increasing knowledge about asthma and asthma triggers.
  • Advocacy and Policy: The Advocacy and Policy Committee of the AAC will identify, evaluate, and promote effective policy, systems, and environmental change that will positively impact individuals living with asthma in Alabama.

Environmental interventions (indoor and outdoor air quality) are addressed in all coalition committees.

Coalition Organization

Member roles and job descriptions.

Coalition Meetings

None to report at this time.

Coalition Members Publications

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