Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct (REPLICA)

The Commission will be meeting in Rhode Island at the NASEMSO Annual Meeting. The meeting notice has been released.

REPLICA Interim Bylaws

The interim bylaws for the REPLICA commission will be reviewed and approved at the inaugural commission meeting in October.

Statement on Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) Status as of  April 6, 2018

As of May 8, 2017, the nation has its first EMS Compact. The 10th state enactment of REPLICA moved this process into the Compact administration and operations phase. It is important at this juncture to note the limitations of the Compact, specifically, Section 14 A. as provided below: 


  1. The compact shall come into effect on the date on which the compact statute is enacted into law in the tenth member state. The provisions, which become effective at that time, shall be limited to the powers granted to the Commission relating to assembly and the promulgation of rules. Thereafter, the Commission shall meet and exercise rulemaking powers necessary to the implementation and administration of the compact. 

Key points to share:

  1. Yes!  There is a compact! 

  2. At this point, REPLICA is NOT active for licensed EMS personnel to cross state lines under the authority of the Compact to provide medical care. The Commission must adopt rules related to the authority and functions of the Compact in order for the Compact to become fully operational. In the interim, EMS personnel are required to comply with the individual state’s licensing requirements.

  3. The Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice has officially assembled, adopted bylaws and Chapter One: Rule on Rulemaking. An Executive Committee and Rules Committee have been established. The Commission members are actively working on developing the rules and policies necessary to make the Compact operational.

  4. Notices for these meeting are available through REPLICA states as well as at

For more information, contact Sue Prentiss at (603) 381-9195 or

Interstate Compacts and EMS: The History, Progress, and Future

This webinar is a great review of why REPLICA was developed, the authority by which Interstate Compacts can be operated, the role of the Commission and the partnership with NREMT.

REPLICA Names Commission Honorary Chairs

Sept. 20, 2017 (Falls Church, Va.) – Representatives from member states (Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming) have chosen Debra Cason, Dia Gainor, and Rick Patrick, as honorary chairs for the first meeting of the Interstate Commission (Commission) for EMS Personnel Practice. The Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact’s (REPLICA’s) model legislation creates a formal pathway for the licensed individual to provide pre-hospital care across state lines under authorized circumstances. REPLICA states continue to prepare for the first meeting of the Commission.

Debra Cason is chair of the National Registry of EMT’s (NREMT) Board of Directors; Dia Gainor is executive director for the National Association of State EMS Offices (NASEMSO); and Rick Patrick is senior advisor for the Office of Health Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security. They are being recognized for their contributions to the development and implementation of the nation’s first EMS Compact. “The NREMT applauds the spirit of collaboration the Compact fosters between EMS professionals, their employers and state EMS offices in ensuring that patients and their loved ones always receive timely, safe and competent care,” stated Debra Cason. “I am humbled by this honor and truly value our relationship with the REPLICA team.” Dia Gainor added “NASEMSO is proud of our role in advancing our profession through standing up the nation’s first compact. I am honored that the REPLICA states have chosen to memorialize my efforts on behalf of state EMS officials in the development and implementation of this tool for solving cross border issues while bringing about maximum accountability. 

After being officially seated, REPLICA state delegates will immediately take up the business of the Commission. Agenda items include the adoption of interim bylaws, nomination and election of officers, and establishing standing committees. A public hearing for Chapter One, Rule on Rulemaking will be held Sunday, Oct. 8, at 9:30a.m. CST.

The first meeting will be held at the Oklahoma Museum of Fine Arts, starting Oct. 7, at 1:00 p.m. CST, and continuing on Sunday, Oct. 8, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CST. All meetings are open to the public and are available via virtual participation. For more information contact Sue Prentiss, advocate for REPLICA, at (603) 381-9195 or by email. Meeting and public hearing notices will be available online

REPLICA Commission Elects Officers

During the inaugural REPLICA meeting, the commission assembled and elected officers.

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