The RSA Tower - Employee Parking


General Information

  • A new employee must sign the appropriate form in his/her unit. The form will authorize Facilities Management to issue his/her parking card. Each parking card is assigned in the individual employee's name. When the card is scanned, the employee's name is documented.
  • Parking in the RSA Deck is optional. If you have a card and are not using it, please return it to Suite 1550, so the card can be taken out of your name and assigned to someone else who will utilize the parking deck.
  • To ensure security, bureaus/offices/units are not to reassign cards. Only Facilities Management shall issue cards.
  • Please do not move cones in the parking deck. These are placed in parking spaces so lights can be repaired or replaced.
  • Don't let the boot get you just because your vehicle is parked in a reserved space or in an area not specified for parking.
  • Email Facilities Management to request being placed on the Tower Parking Deck Waiting List. If you are currently in the Capitol Deck, you are automatically placed on the Tower Deck waiting list.
  • Do you have a new vehicle or tag number? Did you finally get rid of that ol' clunker? Did your last name change? Email Facilities Management to inform us. This a good idea so you can be notified if your vehicle's headlights were left on or if your vehicle has a flat tire.
  • Lights left on or a flat tire on a vehicle that is parked in one of the RSA parking decks should be reported by emailing Facilities Management or calling (334) 206-5218.

Lost Parking Cards

Email Facilities Management to report a lost card so that the card can be deactivated immediately. Each lost or damaged card costs $20 cash or check, payable to RSA. Contact a RSA representative at (334) 517-7660 to ensure that someone will be available. Their office address is 201 South Union; however, you may enter at Ripley Street (back entrance) per parking availability. The door is unlocked from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Once a receipt and new parking card is obtained from RSA, please bring them to Facilities Management in Suite 1510 of The RSA Tower.

Shuttle Service

This service transports ADPH employees from The RSA Tower Parking Deck to The RSA Tower building, and vice versa. Transportation by ADPH Shuttle Service is not available elsewhere. Contact the Health Departments Employee Relation's at (334) 206-9494 for an application.

Page last updated: May 4, 2018