Coordinator Instructions

Living Well Alabama requests that CDSMP site coordinators promptly report workshop documentation. All information should be submitted to Living Well Alabama within 15 days of the completion of each workshop.

The following documents should be submitted for each group:

  • Group Leader Script
    This script is to be used by lay leaders in the Session One workshop to explain the participant information survey and participant consent form, prior to the forms being completed.
  • Participant Information Survey
    One sheet should be completed once by each willing participant.
  • Participant Consent Form
    One form should be completed by each participant.
  • Workshop Information Cover Sheet
    One sheet should be completed for each workshop.
  • Attendance Log
    Only one log has to be submitted. Each participant should sign in at the first session and initial for each additional session attended.

For additional resources see the Site Implementation Packet.

Page last updated: April 17, 2017