Radioactive Material Branches

The radioactive material section of the Alabama Office of Radiation Control includes the Licensing Branch and the Compliance Branch.

Radioactive Materials Licensing Branch

The Licensing Branch is responsible for issuing and maintaining all types of radioactive material licenses. This includes byproduct material, source material, special nuclear material, accelerator produced material and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). The Licensing Branch is also responsible for issuance and maintenance of registrations for all accelerators capable of producing energies greater than 0.9 MeV.

If you are a particle accelerator service company, or a medical physicist wishing to work at multiple facilities in Alabama, you should register with the Agency by completing a particle accelerator service registration form.

If you wish to apply for a license or registration, please visit our Forms Page to find the appropriate application. Prior to submitting your application, please check with our office to determine what fees are associated with that type of license or registration. You may also view our current license fees by viewing our fee schedule, located on our Forms Page. If you need assistance in preparing your license or registration application, please feel free to contact the Agency at (334) 206-5391, or on our in-state toll free line, 1-800-582-1866.

Radioactive Material Compliance Branch

The radioactive material licensees in Alabama are inspected by the Agency's Radioactive Materials Compliance Branch. The inspections are conducted in accordance with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection and Enforcement Manual, Chapter 2800 with a few exceptions. New radioactive material licensees are inspected within nine months after issuance of the license. The licensee's inspection frequency is dependent upon the license category. The licensee's inspection interval will be either one, two, three or five years. The inspection interval can be reduced based on the licensee's compliance history.

The Radioactive Materials Compliance Branch is also responsible for conducting routine inspections of Particle Accelerator Registrations. The inspection programs for this area is set up similar to the inspection program for the Radioactive Material Licensees. Often, the inspections of these registrants will be performed in conjunction with the inspection of the radioactive material license when possible.


Pursuant to Rule 420-3-26-.02(20)(a), the State of Alabama may grant reciprocal recognition of an out of state license provided written notification is made at least three days in advance. To receive notifications, we maintain a 24 hour fax machine at 334-206-5387. Exceptions to the three days advanced time limit can be made in cases where you notify the State of Alabama immediately after your company is notified of the need to work in Alabama. Followup by telephone to this Agency should be made to verify approval to the exception. A copy of the Agency's reciprocity request form may be downloaded from our Forms Page.

A maximum of 30 days of possession and/or use under reciprocity is allowed during each calendar year. The only exceptions to the 30 day limit is reciprocity for a license authorizing installation, transfer, or service of a device distributed and possessed pursuant to a general license. Rule 420-3-26-.02(20)(b) places no limit on the numbers of days of reciprocity for installation, transfer, and service of general license devices. View Rule Page.

Page last updated: April 12, 2017