iChoices Highlights for July

Theme: Food Safety for the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is a great time to be outdoors with the family. Whether you’re relaxing on the lake, following a hiking trail, or grilling in the backyard, everyone has some activity that they love to do this time of year. However, with summer comes those dreaded 90 -100 degree days, and that means taking extra precautions with whatever food we bring to the barbecue. When food is between 40-140 degrees, known as “the temperature danger zone”, bacteria double every 20 minutes. Between 60-125 degrees, that number multiplies even higher. So how do we fight back against bacteria? Pack a cooler with refrigerated products full of ice so that the food stays below 40 degrees. By doing so, bacteria will not be able to grow, and your food will stay safe. Make sure to bring an extra pack of ice in another cooler in case the first batch melts. We all want to enjoy those summer days and stay out of the doctor’s office. So, take precaution with your food so you and the family can have some fun in the sun!

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Page last updated: July 17, 2018