Patient (Additional Videos Coming Soon)

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Searching for a Patient
Demonstrates how to search for a patient.

Patient Search of Archived Records (Patient Lookup Table)
Shows how to search archived patient records as well as the patient lookup table.

Adding a Patient
Guides users in adding a patient record.

Printing Patient Labels, Maintaining a Patient, Deleting a Patient, and Patient Subtasks
Demonstrates how to print patient labels, maintain and delete patients, as well as patient subtasks.

Financial Information
Shows how to add a patient's financial information.

Insurance Information and WIC Proofs
Demonstrates how to add insurance information and WIC Proofs.

Source of Care Information
Guides users in completing the patient source of care tab and the source of care maintenance tab.

Proxy List
Demonstrates how to complete the Proxy List.

Referral Information
Shows users how to complete referral information.

Immunization History (ImmPRINT)
Instructs users on how to complete a patient's immunization history.

Blue Slip Tab, Imm Forms, and Imm Search
Demonstrates how to use the Blue Slip Tab, Imm Form, and Imm Search.

Enrollment Tab
Guides users in completing the enrollment tab.

Shows users how to utilize the Notes tab.

Page last updated: April 28, 2017