The PHALCON Appointment System

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Introduction to the PHALCON Appointment System
Provides an introduction to the PHALCON appointment system

Viewing Appointments for a Provider
Shows viewing appointments for a provider

Adding an Appointment to the Provider Schedule for an Existing Patient?
Demonstrates adding an appointment to the provider schedule for an existing patient

Adding an Appointment for a New Patient
Provides a demonstration on adding an appointment for a new patient

Adding an Appointment from a List of Providers and Adding Multiple Services
to an Appointment

Shows adding an appointment from a list of providers and adding multiple services
to an appointment

Updating an Appointment, Mailing Address Maintenance, and Deleting an Appointment
Shows updating an appointment, mailing address maintenance, and deleting an appointment

Searching for an Open Appointment Slot
Guides users in searching for an open appointment slot

Searching for an Existing Appointment
Demonstrates the process of searching for an existing appointment

Moving Appointments
Provides a demonstration on moving appointments

Managing Walk-in Patients
Shows a demonstration of managing walk-in patients

Page last updated: April 28, 2017