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Program Activities

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The major focus of the Office of Minority Health has shifted since its creation, from providing health promotion and disease prevention services to improving minority representation and cultural competency in the health care service industry. Although the office is still involved in health promotion activities, the director notes that a culturally-sensitive staff is a prerequisite to creating culturally-sensitive materials.

Health Planning/Policy Development

The Office of Minority Health has established policies within the Department of Public Health on the following subjects: Compliance with Title VI Civil Right Act of 1964, Interpreter/Translator, and Collecting and Reporting Racial/Ethnic Health Data.

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention

To enhance minority presence and participation in health promotion, the Office of Minority Health works in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Public Health's Chronic Disease Programs to implement community-based interventions focusing on healthy lifestyle choices at the individual and community level. The Office of Minority Health oversees and reviews all health education materials for cultural and language sensitivity. Acknowledging the diversity and changing demographics of Alabama, the Office of Minority Health has designed training videos and health education brochures, to improve health screening, eliminate language barriers, improve cultural competency, and eliminate health disparities.

Training/Technical Assistance

The Office of Minority Health collaborates with academic institutions within and outside of Alabama to promote the enrollment of minorities in the health professions.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021