Direct Care Management Services Branch

Allison Smith, MPH, Director
Anetha Robinson, Fiscal Services Administrator
Izza Cagle, MPH, Senior Data Management Epidemiologist
Gloria Sims, RN, MSN, Part B/MEDCAP Manager
Bridget Warren, Clinical Quality Management (CQM) Manager
Jackie Frost, CQM Social Work Coordinator
VACANT, CQM Nurse Coordinator
Tabitha Smith, ADAP/AIAP Eligibility Specialist
Connickle Moore, ADAP/AIAP Eligibility Specialist
Rosie "Pat" Evans, ADAP/AIAP Eligibility Specialist
Nataki Ruggs, ADAP/AIAP Eligibility Specialist
Stephanie Houser, ADAP/AIAP Eligibility Specialist
Rosa Albright, MEDCAP Eligibility Specialist


  • Develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan for clinical services at multiple sites in the state to delay onset of symptoms and to prevent and treat complications of HIV infection
  • Assist with obtaining medications for qualified individuals
  • Consult for medical and social service providers



Page last updated: January 25, 2018