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April - A Centennial of Safe Milk


November - Bureau of Family Health Services Perinatal Division - Working to Improve the Health of Mothers and Infants

July - Alabama Public Health Laboratory Becomes ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

April - Fairness and Consistency Are Key to the Office of Program Integrity


November - Children's Health Insurance Program Day in Alabama Proclaimed and Celebrated

August - Family Health Services Medical Officer Treads Unconventional Career Path

April - Public Health Employees' Commitment and Teamwork Continues Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic Response

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November - Reduced Transmission of COVID-19 is Hopeful, Greater Vaccine Confidence Encouraged

June - Widespread COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Provides Pathway to Recovery from Historic Pandemic

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December - Alabama at a Crossroads: Covid-19 Vaccine Provides Hope

June - Coronavirus Pandemic: The Beginning

January - First Comprehensive State Oral Health Plan for Alabama Released

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August - Monroe County Health Department Showcases Maternal-Fetal Telemedicine Capabilities

March - WIC Participants Issued First EWIC Cards

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November - New Lab Facility Construction Well Underway

July - Alabama Creates Plan to Help Solve the Opioid Epidemic

March - Dr. Scott Harris Named State Health Officer

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November - Acting State Health Officer Emphasizes Communication

July - National Accreditation Awarded, PHAB Announces!

April - 'Start Talking Alabama' Focuses on Increasing HIV Awareness Among Young Men

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September - EDRS Improves and Expedites Issuance of Death Certificates

June - Department Works to Lessen the Impact of Zika in Alabama

March - Innovative TB Initiative in Perry County Addresses Hard-to-reach Population

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November - Dr. Tom Miller to Lead Department

August - Telemedicine Health Care Services Arrive at ADPH: Medical Care Provided in a Confidential, Culturally Sensitive Manner

May - Electronic Health Record Team Kicks Off with Interdisciplinary Training

March - Organization is Key as Public Health Accreditation Efforts Continue

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November - New Office of Compliance Promotes Culture of Ethical Behavior and Compliance with Regulations

August - Something to Celebrate: Accreditation is Progressing

May - Stroke System Saves Lives and Prevents Disabilities

March - Everyone's Participation Is Needed for Public Health Accreditation

January - Expanding Video Conferencing Services Benefit Employees and Department

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October - Public Health Nurse Nikki Turner Helps Save a Life After Horrific Collision

July - Quality Improvement (QI) Training Helps Leaders Improve Customer Service

May - Tornado Outbreak Hero Jackie Kerby Feels Humbled

March - State Dental Director Finds ADPH Welcoming

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December - Environmental Efforts Result in Opening an Oyster Growing Area for the First Time in Decades

September - Department's Men's Health Initiatives Expand

July - Montgomery County Health Department Gets 'Screams and Ink'

May - Alabama House Resolution Commends CCHD Screening Efforts

February - Dr. Grace Thomas Remains Highly Engaged As She Accepts Additional Responsibilities

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December - Home and Community Services Uses New Technology to Better Serve Physicians and Patients

September - Dr. Mary McIntyre Continues Service in a New Capacity

July - Department Responds to Devastating April 27 Tornadoes

April - Partner Assistance Allows ADPH to Continue Serving Women at High Risk of Breast and Cervical Cancer

January - Knowledge and Behavior Change are Key Factors in Improving Women's Health

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October - Public Health Responds to Massive Gulf Oil Spill

August - Keepsake Birth Certificates Are Available, Portion of Fee Benefits Abused and Neglected Children

May - BCL Celebrates National Clinical Laboratory Professionals Week

February - UA Offers Distance Learning Classes to Social Workers

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December - Public Health Rises to Meet h2N1 Influenza Challenges

September - Minority Health Coordinator Advances Goals of the TB Division

June - Public Health Responds to Novel h2N1 Influenza

April - Deployment Finds Alabama Emergency Preparedness Teams 'Crucial' in Ice Storm Recovery

February - Department's State Combined Campaign Sets New Record

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November - Vision Impairment Doesn't Faze Bea Zeigler

September - Randy Strickland Donates Kidney

July - ADPH Patient 1st Care Coordinators Work with Pilot Project to Help Individuals Overcome Barriers

May - Disease Intervention Specialists Often Overcome Obstacles to Treat Patients

March - State Combined Campaign Sets Participation and Pledge Records

January - Leaders Work to Design Statewide Trauma System

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December - Collaborative Eye Clinic Draws Tremendous Response from Bayou LaBatre Community

October - Prostate Cancer Screenings a Success at Perry County Event

August - Local Partners Join National Effort to Promote Healthier Living, Wellness When Medicare Prevention Tour Bus Visits Montgomery

July - Athens Social Worker Jennifer Lord Donates Kidney

June - 1918 Influenza Pandemic Survivors Share Their Stories

May - ALL Kids Celebrates 10 Year Milestone of Covering Alabama's Kids

April - Birth Certificates Go Paperless, Thanks to CHS/CSC project

March - State Goes Red for Women to Raise Awareness About Women's Risk of Heart Disease

January - Begin the Journey Toward Better Health, Scale Back Alabama seeks a 10 Million Pound Weight Loss

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December - Recent Cases Prove the Value of Learning and Maintaining First Aid Skills

November - Helping People in Adverse Circumstances Is Part of the Job for Disease Intervention Specialist Kathi Dawn

September - Office of Radiation Control Hosts Full-Scale National Exercise

July-August - Changes in Alabama's Child Restraint Law Affect Child Restraint/Booster Seat Use

June - Department Website, Updated Materials Enhance Employee Recruitment

May - Area 8 Nurse Practitioner Joseph Rightmyer Gives "Unmeasurable Gifts" as a Foster Parent

March - Cribs for Kids Addresses Causes of Infant Death

February - Nurses Record CEU Credits Using New 'Swipe' System

January - Laboratory Training for CLIA Enters 21st Century

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Nov-Dec - Emergency Preparedness Area Response Teams 'Ready to Roll' with New Trailers, Generators

October - Clay County Home Health Employees Go the Extra Mile After 'Wrong Number'

September - Public Health's Mission Becomes Clear After Working in Shelter After Hurricane Katrina

August - Alabama Records Lowest Number of Infant Deaths in 2004; Infant Mortality Rate Is Tied with 2003

July - Alabama Cancer Control Summit Launches Plan for the Next Five Years

June - Alabama Selected for New National Obesity Education Program We Can!

May - Public Health Employees Make Good Use of Heimlich, CPR

April - Taking a Stand...53K! Campaign - 'Dangers of Secondhand Smoke'

March - First Chinese Language Food Service Sanitation Class Proves Successful in Montgomery County

February - Health Department Achieves 'Perfect Audit' of Property in 2004

January - Office of Women's Health Forms Partnership to Combat Obesity and Help Women STEP UP

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November - Influenza Vaccine Shortfall Mobilizes Public Health

October - Public Health Team Praised for Efforts in Preparing For and Dealing With Ivan

September - Rural Highways Claim Rural Health Champion, Pose Growing Rural Health Concern

August - State Combined Charities Campaign Begins

July - Secondhand Smoke May Trigger Heart Attacks

June - Tuskegee Women's Conference Looks at Health Care Disparities in the State

May - Alabama Expands Newborn Screening Program

April - Second State Oral Rabies Vaccine Distribution Held in Central Alabama

March - ADPH Community Training Center Offers CPR and First Aid Certification

February - Arthritis Costs Alabamians $2.4 Billion

January - Childhood Obesity Can Lead to Serious Health Problems, Shortened Life Spans

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December - Alabama Abstinence-Only Education Program is Changing Attitudes Among Teens

November - Billboards in Spanish and English Promote Influenza Immunization

October - 'Responding to Our Constituency,' APHCA Honors Barganier with President's Award

September - Joint WIC-Oral Health Project is 'Something to Smile About'

August - Nurse Family Partnership Home Visitation Program Achieves Success

July - Alabama Receives Second Arthritis Grant Award

June - Healthy Child Care Alabama Strives to Obtain Successful Outcomes for Those Caring for Children

May - Update Emphasizes the Need to Eliminate TB

April - Preventing Premature Births is New Five-Year Focus

March - Geneva Pilot Tests Medical Device to Help Congestive Heart Failure Patients

February - Alabama Works to Provide Smallpox Immunizations in the Safest Possible Manner

January - Alabama Healthcare Workers to Receive Voluntary Smallpox Immunizations Starting January 24

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December - Computerization Brings Environmental Health into the 21st Century While Realizing Tremendous Savings

November - Alabama Smoke Alarm Initiative Honors Local Fire Departments

October - Public Health Reaches Out to Hispanic Population

September - Alabama Has Fewest Infant Deaths and Teen Births on Record in 2001

August - Center for Health Statistics Offers a New Vision

July - Alabama Newborn Hearing Screening Initiative Gets Fully Underway

June - Rabies and Dog Attacks Are Serious Problems

May - State Seat Belt Usage Rate Exceeds National Average for First Time

April - Teen Family Planning Care Coordination Works to Reduce Out-of-Wedlock Births and Abortions

March - Partnership Between FHS and CSC Improves WIC Services Statewide

February - Trauma Registry Collects and Analyzes Data from Devastating Head and Spinal Cord Injuries

January - Educational Effort Works to Reduce Tobacco Use

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December - Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry Implements New Internet Data Transfer System

November - Calming Anthrax Anxiety

October - A Message From the State Health Officer

September - Alabama’s Infant Mortality Rate is Lowest Ever

July - Primary Care and Rural Health Office Aids Medically Underserved Area

June - Agencies Cooperate to Help Protect Against West Nile Virus in Alabama

May - Healthy Alabama 2010 Results Released

April - Alabama’s Hypertension Program Produces Positive Results Economically

March - Area Tobacco Coordinators Play Important Role

February - State Safety Belt Usage Rate Reaches the National Average for the First Time

January - Nurse/Family Partnership Program Will Operate in Seven Alabama Counties

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