Teen Driving

The Alabama Child Death Review System (ACDRS) reviews all non-medical deaths in Alabama to those less than 18 years of age. Vehicular fatalities are, by far, the single largest category of such deaths, accounting for almost half of all deaths we review. Many of these deaths involve teenage drivers, and teen driving safety is an issue of growing concern in Alabama. Alabama is currently the second worst state in the nation for teen driver fatalities.

Our mission is to prevent child deaths in Alabama. If you are a young driver, it is our hope that the information on this site and in our publications might help you and your friends become better-informed and, in turn, safer drivers.

Children's of Alabama has released Safe Teen Driving, a PSA that offers tips to help your teenager stay safe while in the driver's seat.

The Surviving Teen Driving brochure was produced by the ACDRS and the Injury Prevention Branch. It outlines the newly amended Alabama Graduated Driver's License Law and provides information, facts, and figures about teen drivers and injury prevention.

Surviving Teen Driving - A Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers and Their ParentsSurviving Teen Driving Brochure

The three primary factors influencing teen driver deaths are:

1. Alcohol - Alcohol and driving never mix.

2. Seat Belts - Seat belts are the single best prevention measure for driver safety, and teen drivers are the least likely to use them.

3. Distractions - Other passengers are the biggest distraction, and new studies show the danger of distracting electronic devices.

If you are a parent of a teenager who is, or soon will be, driving, we hope this website and our brochure will help you to discuss the dangers of the road and prevention strategies with your children to keep them safer.

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