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Medical Reserve Corps

BCMRC Mission Statement

The mission of the BCMRC is to provide trained medical and non medical volunteers to assist the local community during a Public Health Emergency or an all Hazard Event and to provide education and disease awareness during non emergency public health and community events.

About the BCMRC

The Baldwin County Medical Reserve Corps was established in 2013. The BCMRC partners with Public Health, local EMA, education, faith based and other community organizations to develop a coordinated response to disasters.

Who Can Volunteer

The Baldwin County Medical Reserve Corps welcomes anyone 18 years of age or older who is interested in making our community safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to emergencies of all kinds.

How Do I Join?

It Started Like Any Other Day - Survivors tell stories of natural disasters that changed their lives.

For more information on volunteering with the Baldwin County Medical Reserve Corps contact Jenny Kilpatrick at 251- 947-1628 (work) or 251-284-4369 (cell)


Page last updated: December 8, 2021