Weiss Lake homeowners and residents advised to call health department if they have found or are missing a sewage holding tank


CONTACT: Patricia Lindsey
(334) 850-1510

Recent flooding of Weiss Lake has resulted in numerous sewage holding tanks being disconnected from the residents’ property and relocated to other parts of the lake.

“We want to protect the public’s health by making sure all sewage holding tanks are moved back to the proper residences,” Patricia Lindsey, Alabama Department of Public Health district environmental director, said. “Please be a good neighbor and report missing and found sewage holding tanks to the Cherokee County Health Department.”

If you have a missing tank, call the Cherokee County Health Department at (256) 927-3132 and provide the environmentalist your name, address, contact number and, if available, your holding tank decal number. This information will be cross-referenced with information being reported by residents who may have your property.

For residents reporting a holding tank(s) on your property, also call the local Cherokee County Health Department (256) 927-3132) and give the environmentalist the holding tank decal number noted. This information will be cross-referenced with the database listing at the office.