Self-collection kits provide convenient care for sexually transmitted infections for residents in all Alabama counties


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In a first of its kind partnership, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) and binx health, a healthcare technology and diagnostics company, enables access to routine remote sample collection for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and subsequent treatment for Alabama residents.

The program consists of STI/HIV self-collection kits made available to order online through the binx everywhere digital platform, then mailed to any Alabama resident. The binx network of partner reference labs processes the samples and in the event of a positive result, licensed healthcare providers prescribe treatment as necessary, all in a remote setting.

Data was tracked, and the program saw a significant increase in the uptake of self-collection kits for STIs to residents of every Alabama county, including people living in rural communities, for the first time in state history. The program was designed to overcome socioeconomic, geographic and transportation barriers and lessen privacy concerns.

"The Alabama Department of Public Health is very pleased with the results of the initiative,” said Anthony Merriweather, STD Director at ADPH. “The binx technology and self-collection program provides much needed access to care, necessary screenings, and treatments for people living in rural Alabama who do not have adequate access to routine sexual health care.”

A survey of those involved in the program revealed that individuals are now choosing to participate in remote sample collection for healthcare conditions generally, due to COVID-19 concerns, affordability and privacy.

The program also showed that using remote self-collection enables those in need of HIV screening to be accessed in ways not previously available. Of the individuals surveyed about HIV testing behaviors in this population, 11 percent were unsure if they had been previously tested, 18 percent indicated they had never been tested for HIV before, and 34 percent had not been tested in more than one year.

“Creating more equitable access to health services is central to our mission,” said Jeffrey Luber, Chief Executive Officer of binx health. “The partnership with ADPH shows the true impact that improved access to healthcare can have in underserved communities and is a prime example of how we work with our partners to change the way healthcare is delivered.”

The ADPH will continue to provide the self-collection kits for STI/HIV testing. For more information, visit

About binx health

binx health is a healthcare technology and diagnostics company that makes routine testing convenient. The Company works with large corporate partners and institutions who have access to large patient populations and have a significant interest in delivering or facilitating better healthcare to provide access to and enable more streamlined delivery of diagnostic testing and care. Its omnichannel platform includes the point-of-care io platform, which puts central-lab quality testing solutions in the hands of clinicians everywhere, and the Company's suite of physician-mediated and medical guideline-driven, at-home sample collection offerings, which bring high-quality testing, population health tools, and seamless digital integration capability to those unable or unwilling to visit a clinic location.

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