ADPH Careers: Wellness Nurses

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is seeking candidates for multiple Nurse-Hourly positions across the state. 

The Nurse-Hourly position is unique within ADPH in that individuals serve on an at-will, part-time, as-needed basis. The number of hours worked is based on the amount of work available, as well as the individual's own schedule. Individuals in this position do not have to serve a probationary period; however, as this is not a "permanent status" position with ADPH, it does not come with insurance, paid leave, or other such benefits.

"All the nurses who work with me say they love the flexibility of the job," said Wellness Coordinator Joanne Gilliland, LPN. She said the position is great for those just looking for part-time work, particularly retirees. For those who don't mind a little travel, there are frequently opportunities to work in multiple counties.

"They tell me the days they can work, and I plug them in to go to the sites we have scheduled," Gilliland said.

Those applying for this position will need an Associate's Degree in Nursing (or higher) from an accredited college. Applicants must also have an Alabama Professional Nursing License and be in good standing with the Alabama Board of Nursing. In addition, Gilliland said they need nurses who bring a good attitude to the job, can be courteous to the clients, and can be depended on to show up on time for their scheduled shifts.

Wellness Nurses are called upon to handle a variety of duties for ADPH, including:

  • Biometric Screening
  • Health Counseling
  • Administering Vaccines (to include flu shots from September through February each year)
Gilliland said the biometric screenings consist of collecting blood to test blood glucose levels, total cholesterol levels, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. The nurses also check clients' blood pressure, and offer counseling if their screenings indicate abnormal levels or high blood pressure.

"If anything warrants a referral to the doctor, they will give a referral," Gilliland said.

Those interested in applying should visit the State of Alabama Personnel Department for instructions.

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