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Formula Shortage 2022

Many Alabama families are facing challenges finding infant formulas due to the nationwide formula shortage. These challenges stem from the Abbott infant formula recall that occurred in February 2022 and the resulting increased demand for other brands of formula, as well as supply chain issues from the COVID pandemic. As Alabamians navigate the formula shortage, the Alabama Department of Public Health has worked to provide updates and resources for the State of Alabama.

Reminders to Caregivers

  • Do not dilute infant formula. Dilution may be dangerous and lead to nutrition deficiencies and/or health issues.
  • Do not use homemade formulas.
  • Do not give your infant whole cow’s milk without talking to your child’s pediatrician first.
  • If having issues locating a formula, try a different brand or type of formula. Call your child’s health care provider with questions.
  • Donated breastmilk is safe for consumption if it has been screened and pasteurized at a facility such as Mothers Milk Bank of Alabama. Mothers with excess breastmilk may also donate to such facilities.

If you are an Alabama WIC participant, contact your local WIC office for assistance locating formula or making changes to your WIC food benefits. If you think you may qualify, please call your local county health department to make an appointment.

To qualify, you must:

  • Meet income requirements;
  • Be a resident of Alabama; and
  • Be seen by a health professional at the WIC clinic.
Note: You may use the WIC PreScreening Tool to see if you might be eligible for WIC.


Page last updated: July 11, 2022