Quarantine Policy

State law and administrative regulations of the State Board of Health provide that the State Health Officer and county health officers may, in their discretion, isolate and quarantine individuals exposed to, or afflicted with, notifiable diseases and health conditions. Ebola Virus Disease is a viral hemorrhagic fever and has long been designated as a notifiable disease by the Board.

Regarding Ebola, the Alabama Department of Public Health has no plans at this time to preemptively isolate or quarantine individuals at risk of having been exposed who are asymptomatic and compliant with ADPH directives regarding self-monitoring, restricted movement, and structured contact with public health staff.

Directives issued by ADPH to individuals determined to be at risk of having been exposed will conform to guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Decisions related to the issuance of orders of isolation and quarantine will be made on a case-by-case basis and will largely be based on an individual's ability and willingness to comply with ADPH directives related to self-monitoring, restricted movement, and structured contact.

Page last updated: April 11, 2017