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Bio-Monitoring Program

The In-Home Bio-Monitoring Program combines resources from ADPH Home Care, the Alabama Medicaid Agency and the University of South Alabama to provide an in-home monitoring service for specific chronic illnesses.

Medicaid Patient 1st patients who have congestive heart failure, diabetes, and/or hypertension may qualify for the in- home monitoring program. The Patient 1st provider will determine if the patient needs daily monitoring and will provide the orders for the patients to be admitted to the In-Home Bio-Monitoring Program.

Potential Benefits for Patients

  • Potential for improved outcomes
  • Lowered healthcare-related expenses
  • Improved compliance with provider’s plan of care
  • Education and reinforcement of healthy behavior changes
  • Increased satisfaction with care

Financial Criteria

Bio-monitoring services are provided under Alabama Medicaid Patient 1st for patients who:

  • Meet admission criteria
  • Have a Patient 1st provider who will provide the orders for the In-Home Bio-Monitoring Program

Please contact Laura Walker, RN, Bio-Monitoring Nurse Care Manager at (256) 301-6720. The fax number is (256) 584-6594.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021