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Alabama Wellness Alliance LogoIntroducing the Alabama Wellness Alliance

The Alabama Obesity Task Force has a new name and a new look. It will now be known as the Alabama Wellness Alliance! Even though our name has changed, our organization continues its mission to create a healthier Alabama through collaborations across the state and serves as a resource for individuals, organizations, and policy makers.

Mission Statement

"Creating a healthier Alabama through obesity reduction and prevention efforts."

Purpose Statement

"The Alabama Obesity Task Force works through collaboration, programs, policy and environmental changes to support and promote healthy lifestyles."

The Alabama Obesity Task Force is a volunteer membership organization that addresses obesity through advocacy, changes and programs. Please read our brochure (2 MB) for more information on the goals and objectives of the Alabama Obesity Task Force.

If you would like to be a part of the Task Force, please complete the application form.

CDC Data: Alabama Has Nation's 3rd Highest Rate of Adult Obesity

According to 2020 data, Alabama's rate of adult obesity is 39%, which places the state in the third highest position in the nation. Visit the CDC for more information.

Obesity and Chronic Disease

Visit Obesity and Chronic Disease to learn more about the link between obesity, cancer and chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, mental illness, and osteoarthritis.

Visit ADPH's Cancer Division to learn more about obesity and cancer. Some cancer risk factors cannot be avoided; however, maintaining a healthy weight is a behavior choice we can control.

Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Overweight and Obesity in Alabama

A major goal of the Alabama Obesity Task Force was to develop and implement a comprehensive, realistic state plan that will reduce the worsening obesity epidemic in Alabama. You can read more about the history of the Task Force here

The Alabama State Obesity Plan provides goals and objectives to follow at various social-ecological levels. The plan provides various approaches to address the impact of obesity on Alabama's citizens including education and awareness, lifestyle and behavioral choices, community-based environmental strategies, school and worksite improvements, and policy development or changes. You can read the plan in its entirety at the link below.


Page last updated: May 11, 2022