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Quarterly Meetings 2012

Meeting Minutes

March 2012 Meeting Presentation

Dollie Hambrick, Alabama Arise representative, reviewed health care reform and explained the yearly implementation schedule. Ms. Hambrick explained that if the state does not implement an action plan of its own, the federal government's plan will be mandated. She reviewed areas such as preventive services and offered scenarios that must be considered, including an increased demand and decrease of providers. Ms. Hambrick specifically noted the obesity services that are covered. For more detailed information, visit

May 2012 Meeting Presentations

Caroline Dunn, a University of Alabama master's level student, provided her thesis findings on the taxation of fruits and vegetables. She stated that Mississippi and Alabama are the only two states to have level taxation (4%) on all foods regardless of type. She pointed out that when salaries increase, an increase in purchase of fruits and vegetables does not automatically follow. She provided several solutions in assisting the general population to consume more fruits and vegetables.

Dianne Lollar provided information on initiatives that address food access. The first was from an educational opportunity for her to help Cuba with sustainable food concepts and planting. The second was the result of a local grant from Share Our Strength, which funded grocery store interventions. A tour, followed by web-based menus and phone applications, resulted in increased skills in purchasing and preparing produce.

August 2012 Meeting Presentations

Helen Wilson described the community changes in Tuskegee, Alabama, that are based on a small grant from the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality "Be Our Voice" initiative. The grant requires advocacy training and one policy, system or environmental change. For more details, refer to the following meeting minutes.

Rebecca Sterling and Amy Robinson shared information about Sterling Health and the Healthy Huntsville Initiative. Sterling Health was formed from the concern of increased use of pharmacological routes to address diseases stemming from lifestyle choices. One of Sterling Health's goals is to get community involvement by building on the positive aspects of the culture. As part of the process, a "Healthy Huntsville" downloadable application has been created.

November 2012 Meeting Presentations

University of Alabama students Morgan Haygood, Elizabeth Murray, Suzanna Niehoff and Erin Marie Patenaude presented a basic obesity burden report for breastfeeding. The correlation between breastfeeding and obesity protection for the infant and weight loss for the mother is well accepted. The students' findings were from web-based information sources. Alabama has a lower breastfeeding rate than the states they used as comparison, and the comparison states had more peer counseling, more baby-friendly hospitals, and more lactation consultants. More interaction in supporting breastfeeding with the Alabama Breastfeeding Committee was a recommendation from OTF members.

OTF members were surveyed to gather input on meeting location, time and format. Mim Gaines provided the results, which indicated that meeting in Clanton with one or two speakers followed by committee work time was the preferred format. Requested topics for future meetings included community interventions, school approaches, worksite wellness, policy changes needed, medical research and grant writing.

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