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Quarterly Meetings 2017

November 2017 Meeting Presentations

Nick Sims, Chair of the Obesity Task Force, gave an update on current task force projects and upcoming events. There was a focus on the new 100 Alabama Miles Challenge campaign and the State Plan for Physical Activity and Nutrition.

August 2017 Meeting Presentations

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle shared information on the "Healthy Huntsville" initiative.

June 2017 Meeting Presentations

Allison Tubbs, Past Co-Chair of the Obesity Task Force, gave a presentation to members highlighting the successes and accomplishments of the Task Force during the 2016-2017 year.

Eloise Elliot, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Professor at West Virginia University where she works on childhood obesity prevention and physical activity promotion efforts. She was a leader in creating West Virginia's first State Physical Activity Plan and was invited to Alabama to speak to the Task Force about strategies to begin work on our own Physical Activity Plan in conjunction with a Nutrition Plan. A thorough review of how the West Virginia plan was successfully developed, implemented, and disseminated was given by Dr. Elliot. She then facilitated an open discussion about the goals for physical activity in Alabama, leading the group to lay out the next steps for the Alabama Physical Activity and Nutrition Plan.

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