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Quarterly Meetings

September 2022 Quarterly Meeting

Our next meeting will be held in person (with a virtual option available) on Friday, September 30, from 9 a.m. until noon. The meeting will be held at the Alabama Department of Public Health Training Center and Administrative Annex at 208 Legends Court in Prattville. Check back soon for more details!

October 2020 Virtual Quarterly Meeting

The Alabama Obesity Task Force hosted a virtual meeting on Thursday, October 8. Dr. Laura Dreer, an Associate Professor at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, shared a presentation on the impact of COVID-19 on the health and wellness of Alabamians, especially concerning the relationship between COVID-19 and obesity.

September 2019 Quarterly Meeting Presentation

Carey Martin-Lane is the Farm Food Collaborative Co-Manager with the Food Bank of North Alabama. Her presentation centered around how a local food hub is having an impact on obesity prevention in Alabama. 

Dianne Lollar, MPH, RDN, LD, FAND, is a Nutrition & Food Systems Consultant. Dianne is a member of the task force and several professional organizations. She is retired from the Alabama Department of Public Health WIC program. She shared her journey from the farm to becoming a registered dietitian with a passion for nutrition, agriculture, and planet health.

June 2019 Quarterly Meeting Presentations

Shifting the Focus from Weight to Health

Julie Sieja Satterfeal, MS, RDN, LD, author of Ditch the Diet, gave a presentation to the task force on why diets fail and how to unlearn the dieting mentality. She provided recommendations on how to eat by getting back to the basics and stop emphasizing weight loss as a health indicator.

Peer Health Education for Health Promotion

The Peer Health Education program at the University of Alabama is responsible for implementing multiple health initiatives on campus. The goal is to encourage health lifestyles in students using effective programs and clever marketing techniques to engage students. Sheen Quizon Gregg, MS, RDN, LD leads this effort for the University and provided an overview for task force members.

March 2019 Quarterly Meeting Presentations

CDC AL ProHealth: The Last 4 and the Next 5 Years

Ruth Brock, MEd with the Alabama Extension System at Auburn University provided an update on the ALProHealth Program. The program received additional funding from the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention through 2023. They'll be working in 13 high obesity counties in Alabama to improve access to healthy foods and increase the number of places for physical activity.

Heart Health...Back to the Future

Kim Garza, Associate Professor in the Harrison School of Pharmacy at Auburn University gave a presentation on her research on the implications of an impulsive choice as it relates to heart health and diet. She discussed interventions to improve health behaviors and factors that support better outcomes.

100 Alabama Miles Kickoff

Allison Tubbs is a project coordinator with the Lakeshore Foundation. She gave an update on the 100 Alabama Miles Challenge which is an initiative to increase physical activity utilizing local, state, and federally managed recreational lands in the state. Start your journey today!

Quarterly Meeting Archives - Presentations and Minutes

Quarterly Meeting Minutes (Pre-2011) Archives

Please visit our archive of minutes from meetings prior to 2011.

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