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How to Give

You can give either through payroll deduction or through a one-time gift (cash or check) or credit card.

Payroll Deduction

The minimum amount through payroll deduction is $1.00 per month and the maximum number of deductions is 12 deductions. Giving through payroll deduction is the most encouraged avenue of supporting your favorite charitable organization. Payroll deduction will begin with the first paycheck in 2019.

  • It gives continuing income to designated agencies throughout the year.
  • It provides an accurate bookkeeping/audit trail for your pay records.
  • It allows you, the donor, to give a generous gift in 12 monthly installments.

Did you know: If every state employee gave only $2.00 a month through payroll deduction, we could raise more than $1 million dollars for Alabama Charities?

Pledge Card

If you have not received an opportunity to give through the State Combined Campaign, please contact your bureau/office coordinator or download a pledge form. Your bureau/office coordinator has extra pledge forms and Campaign Guides.

The pledge form has a special section to designate your gift. Each charitable agency listed in the Giving Guide has been assigned a 6-digit code. Enter this code in the designated space and specify how much of your total gift you wish each agency to receive. To designate and receive acknowledgement for your gift, you must designate a minimum of $5 to each agency and check the "yes" box to receive an acknowledgement. If you wish your gift to be in someone's memory, please contact your coordinator to obtain a memorial contribution form.

For further instructions on how to complete the pledge card, download the pledge form instructions.

For instructions on how to donate using your credit card, visit the SCC website.

Page last updated: May 13, 2021