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Reasons to Give


Top 10 Reasons Not to Give
Overheard over coffee...

Top 10 Reasons to Give
A campaign donor responds...


"The economy's uncertain, and my budget is tight."

"Through payroll deduction, I can choose to give small, painless amounts every payday (as little as $1 per pay). It's easy on my wallet."


"I don't know what my money is really being used for."

"When I look at my favorite federations in the campaign guide, I can learn more about their missions and see lists of member charities they fund. I can also find contact information for each federation and call or write them for more information on their programs."


"I need charity for myself!"

"It's good to know these charities will be around if I need - or someone I love needs - help someday. Giving to those groups is an investment in my future."


"One small gift won't make a difference."

"We do better as partners for people. Last year, more than 10,500 state employees made small gifts that added up to over $769,144 for hundreds of charities locally and internationally."


"I already give to my favorite charity on my own."

"The SCC lets me expand my gift to my favorite charity. Through payroll deduction, I can give more than through a one-time cash or check. Charities can better plan for their needs knowing at the end of the SCC what designations to expect during the next year. Charity administrative costs are lower with one large distribution to process rather than sporadic multiple individual checks."


"I've had a problem giving a donation to the SCC in the past."

"The SCC has a rigorous system for processing pledges with built-in checks and balances - some at your very own agency. This process takes time, but helps ensure accuracy and accountability, which are important."


"I'm mad at my boss."

"The SCC is state workers coming together to make a difference and showing others that the public sector cares about the community. It is a statewide campaign involving over 38,000 employees. This year I am going to ask my boss to give."


"I'm tired of being asked to give."

"Giving is a personal choice and I have the right to say no when I'm asked to give."


"The charities spend too much money running the campaign."

"Workplace giving is one of the most efficient means of fundraising - that is why the SCC occurs during a specific period of time. The SCC reaches over 38,000 employees. If each charity had to spend its own money reaching this pool of people, their administrative rate would be higher."


"I gave at the office."

"Oh, wait, this is the office."

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Page last updated: May 13, 2021