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iChoices Wellness Program

ichoices logoADPH promotes wellness for employees through the iChoices Wellness Program. iChoices focuses on developing a healthier and more dynamic Department of Public Health.

Mission: To provide opportunities for and an environment where making the healthy choice is the natural and easy choice.

Vision: To improve the health and productivity of ADPH employees by reducing health risks and creating a culture of wellness

The iChoices Employee Wellness Program recognizes that the choices you make are what shape your life. Your choices are individual choices, important choices, informed choices, and intrinsic choices.

The 6 Dimensions of Wellness Model is used to help with focusing on various aspects of health and wellness.

Visit Announcements to view our monthly wellness themes and learn more about our upcoming iChoices highlights.

Incentive-Based Wellness Activities

Participating in iChoices activities is a fun and easy way to improve your overall health and wellbeing. iChoices provides tracking logs to help you keep track of your wellness activities for each day. As a reward for participation and hard work, employees can earn points to "purchase" Wellness Encouragement Items.

Earning Wellness Points

The Wellness Activity and Points is one way to engage in wellness activities to earn points and encouragement items. Be sure to track your activities on the Wellness Tracking Log.

The Hopscotch Wellness Challenge is another way to earn wellness points. This fun and rewarding challenge will help with creating and maintaining important healthy habits that will continue to benefit your mind and body even after it has been mastered! Hopscotch your way through 5 levels of various challenges to earn the title of the "Wellness Hopscotch Master." Be sure access the Hopscotch Instructions and fillable Hopscotch Tracking Log.

Walking Club

The iChoices Healthy Steps Walking Club promotes walking as a main source of physical activity. The club encourages participants to walk at their own pace while working towards incentive goals. For more information, download the Overview Sheet.To join, complete this form.

Nutrition Resources

Physical Activity Resources

Other Resources

Wellness Coordinator

Teresa Fair
Nutrition and Physical Activity Division
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1010
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 206-7941
Fax: (334) 206-5173

Page last updated: May 13, 2021