Update for Lowndes County residents--Barriers to wastewater disposal will be assessed


CONTACT:   Ron Dawsey, (334) 206-5373

To find better and safer ways to dispose of wastewater (sewage) in Lowndes County, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) plans to contract with the University of Alabama to visit homes to identify people who don’t have a working septic system and ask about any problems that make it hard to get a septic system installed. This will not include any homes served by municipal sewer systems, only homes that rely on septic systems.

This assessment is required by the Interim Resolution Agreement that ADPH made with the United States on May 4, 2023.

ADPH asks Lowndes County residents with straight pipes or with septic tanks that do not work properly to visit the website below or contact (334) 206-5373 to get information about getting a septic system designed, installed or repaired so that it works with their property’s soil. ADPH will not use personal information to report residents for straight piping or having a septic system that does not work. 

Go to the Lowndes County Septic System Program web page or call (334) 206-5373 to learn more.



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