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Lowndes County Septic System Program

Attention Lowndes County Residents

ADPH asks Lowndes County residents with septic tanks that do not work properly or straight pipes to contact (334) 206-5373 to get information about getting a septic system designed, installed, or repaired so that it works with your property’s soil.

ADPH is also asking residents to complete an assessment that is available online. The assessment will also be mailed with a postage paid return envelope to households in Lowndes County. It is important that you complete this assessment so we know who is facing the most serious health risks and needs help the fastest with failing septic systems.
About the Program

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) received a $2.2 million allocation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to help low-income homeowners install or replace failing septic systems. This initial phase of the program is available only in Lowndes County. ADPH's Bureau of Environmental Services is working with community partners to provide residents with access to appropriately designed, ADPH-permitted sewage disposal systems.

Lowndes County Mailout Letter
What exactly can be fixed?

The program assists residential homeowners with:

  • Repairing or replacing failing septic systems
  • Eliminating straight pipes
  • Installing conventional or engineered systems, as site conditions warrant
Why should you have it fixed?

Sewage on the ground is a health hazard and can contribute to groundwater contamination.

How can I apply?

The first phase of the septic system assistance program is underway. Additional phases will be added as funding is available.

Page last updated: April 15, 2024