Silent Guardians of Health

During the height of the COVID pandemic, the role the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) played in protecting Alabamians from infectious diseases was at the forefront of most citizens' minds. Meanwhile, the majority of ADPH's employees were working to protect all facets of the public's health, navigating the difficulties of the COVID outbreak while ensuring people still had access to vital programs and services.

"A lot of people don't know about what we do behind the scenes," said Marsha Beebe, executive assistant to the Legislative team at ADPH.

"Our roles are silent as long as everything is going like it should," said Environmental Supervisor Camilla English.

"(ADPH is) involved in the important work of supporting general civilization," said Jeremy Bryant, supervisor of the Environmental Offices of Morgan and Limestone County. "All of those things that people take for granted that enable us to live together in large groups safely and in a healthy manner."

Learn more about the roles ADPH employees serve in areas ranging from clean drinking water to health equity, nutrition, social work, home health services, and much more. See how our employees are out in their communities each day making sure that Alabama's health is Job #1 by visiting Silent Guardians of Health.

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