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Silent Guardians of Health

Alabama’s health is job #1. Learn how our employees are working hard, together with you, to safeguard the health of all Alabamians. From prenatal care to taking care of seniors, we’ll never stop putting people first. Thanks for doing your part.

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image of Petria
Meet Petria, the coordinator for our Office of Health Equity & Minority Health. She helps make sure that all Alabamians benefit from Public Health by managing minority programs and initiatives.
image of Jeremy
Jeremy, the supervisor for the Morgan and Limestone County Environmental Offices, has been with ADPH for seven years. He keeps Alabamians safe by maintaining clean drinking water through proper sewage disposal, ensuring safe food handling practices to prevent foodborne illness, and investigating vectors of human disease.
image of Amber
Amber is a home health manager who makes visits to patients, especially those who have trouble getting to doctor's appointments. She is proud to help provide the only home pediatric care within the state of Alabama.
image of Marsha
Meet Marsha, the assistant to the CFO and director of General Affairs and Community Relations with ADPH. She’s passionate about her administrative role in providing for Alabamians’ needs behind the scenes.
image of James
Meet James, one of our environmental directors. He’s been with the environmental section of ADPH for 38 years. He helps keep Alabamians safe by inspecting food establishments as well as solid waste collection vehicles.
image of Stacy
Stacy works as a nutritional director for our Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program. With her help, children, even those in remote rural areas, get the care they need.
image of Wendy
Wendy is one of our nurse coordinators who works in Infectious Diseases and Outbreaks. She helps educate Alabamians about different illnesses and conditions and how to prevent getting sick.
image of Anthony
Anthony is the director of the Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) for ADPH. He helps Alabamians get the care and treatment they need.
image of Crystalee
Crystalee is the maternal and child health coordinator for ADPH’s Southeastern District and a senior social worker. Her role is to fund and implement needed projects that help ensure a happier and healthier community.
image of Camilla
Camilla is an environmental supervisor with ADPH. She helps keep Alabamians safe by preventing disease transmission through food sources and our water supply.
image of Amber
Amber is a clerk at Crenshaw County Health Department. She finds joy in helping families with children who are in need - offering not just resources, but also compassion.

Page last updated: February 27, 2024