Scale Back Alabama

Scale Back Alabama (SBA) is a free, statewide wellness program for adults, ages 18 or older, who live in Alabama, work in Alabama, or work for an Alabama based organization. In 2021, SBA is launching a redesigned, virtual program to encourage overall wellness and promote healthy lifestyles. This year’s program will provide weekly challenges to motivate participants to make choices to best support their health, even if weight loss isn’t the goal. For the first time ever, SBA participants will have the option to set their own wellness goals and prizes will be awarded for reaching wellness goals and/or completing weekly wellness challenges that create healthy habits.

Scale Back Alabama is a joint project of the Alabama Hospital Association and ADPH, with generous underwriting from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. 

Visit Scale Back Alabama for updates.

Scale Back Alabama Schools

The Scale Back Alabama Schools program targets school personnel to encourage participation in Scale Back Alabama. It gives school personnel the opportunity to achieve a healthy lifestyle while being a positive role model for their students. Visit Scale Back Alabama Schools for information on how your school can sign up.


The following links offer tips and resources on making healthy lifestyle changes.


Page last updated: July 16, 2021