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Video Resources

The following videos are available as additional resources for a variety of ages and grade levels. Video Series

Eagle Books Series

Animated versions of the award-winning 'Eagle Book' series are available through CDC-TV. Originally designed to promote culturally-based information about diabetes prevention, physical activity, nutrition, and healthy eating among Native American children, the videos may appeal to children and parents of all cultures and represents CDC's efforts to prevent diabetes.

The Eagle Books are a series of four books that are brought to life by animal characters, the wise Mr. Eagle and Miss Rabbit, and a clever trickster, Coyote. Coyote engages the young Indian boy, Rain That Dances, and his young friends in the joy of physical activity, eating healthy foods, and learning from their elders about traditional ways of being healthy.

Through the Eyes of the Eagle

The first book of the series introduces the characters of Mr. Eagle and Rain That Dances, the American Indian boy he befriends. Mr. Eagle reminds the young boy of the healthy ways of his ancestors. The Fry Readability Level second grade, seventh month.

Watch Through the Eyes of the Eagle (6:36)

Knees Lifted High

In the second book, Rain That Dances introduces Thunder Cloud, his best friend, to Mr. Eagle, who encourages the boys to be physically active every day. The Fry Readability Level is third grade, seventh month.

Watch Knees Lifted High (8:17)

Plate Full of Color

The third book introduces Miss Rabbit and two new friends, Little Hummingbird and Simon. Miss Rabbit teaches the value of eating a variety of colorful and healthy foods. The Fry Readability Level is third grade, sixth month.

Watch Plate Full of Color (8:11)

Tricky Treats

The final book in the series introduces the character of Coyote, a trickster, and encourages children not to be tricked by the coyote when choosing foods to eat. The Fry Readability Level is third grade, fourth month.

Watch Tricky Treats (10:51)

Accompanying Materials

A helpful Guide for Educators and Communities is available with lesson ideas to accompany the series. Coloring books, corresponding to each of the Eagle Books, are available for download.

Page last updated: March 20, 2023