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PrEP Clinic

The 1917 PrEP Clinic is available to provide Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to HIV-negative individuals to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV. Read on for more information or call Kachina, the PrEP Clinic Coordinator, at 205-996-4119 to get started or visit their website.

2015 STD Treatment Guidelines Update

These guidelines for the treatment of persons who have or are at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were updated by CDC after consultation with a group of professionals knowledgeable in the field of STDs who met in Atlanta on April 30-May 2, 2013. The information in this report updates the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, 2010 (MMWR Recomm Rep 2010;59 [No. RR-12]). These updated guidelines discuss 1) alternative treatment regimens for Neisseria gonorrhoeae; 2) the use of nucleic acid amplification tests for the diagnosis of trichomoniasis; 3) alternative treatment options for genital warts; 4) the role of Mycoplasma genitalium in urethritis/cervicitis and treatment-related implications; 5) updated HPV vaccine recommendations and counseling messages; 6) the management of persons who are transgender; 7) annual testing for hepatitis C in persons with HIV infection; 8) updated recommendations for diagnostic evaluation of urethritis; and 9) retesting to detect repeat infection. Physicians and other health-care providers can use these guidelines to assist in the prevention and treatment of STDs. Visit CDC's 2015 STD Treatment Guidelines for additional information and updates. Visitors may also order hard copies of the report as well as wall charts and pocket guides. The CDC is also developing iPhone and eBook applications of the guidelines and will keep registrants updated on their progress and availability.

CDC Releases 2013 Figures on Reportable STDs

Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance 2013 presents statistics and trends for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the United States through 2013. This annual publication is intended as a reference document for policy makers, program managers, health planners, researchers, and others who are concerned with the public health implications of these diseases. Visit CDC's STD's Data and Statistics for more information.

Page last updated: April 10, 2017