Pay Your Premium

Families with children enrolled in ALL Kids are required to pay a small yearly premium for coverage. The premium owed can be paid at one time or if necessary, may be divided into multiple payments.

Your premiums do not have to be paid in full before you use your ALL Kids card for healthcare services. However, we encourage you to pay your premiums as soon as possible.

Any premium amount you owe for your child's current coverage must be paid before your child's "Good Thru" date found on your child's ALL Kids card.

To Make Payments

Mail payment to the address below.

  • Make checks and money orders out to ALL Kids
  • Write your Contact ID number or child/children's name on your check or money order.

Mail to:

ALL Kids
P.O. Box 304839
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4839

Note: Your Contact ID number is located in the corner at the top on the left side of your Renewal Form. Your premium balance can also be found on your Renewal Form.

Page last updated: March 15, 2017