Foodborne Diseases

Each year in Alabama, CDC estimates foodborne diseases cause 796,622 illnesses, 1,971 hospitalizations, and 47 deaths. ADPH's goal is to educate professionals to rapidly communicate, identify, and investigate a foodborne outbreaks (FBO) to allow for implementation of control measures to reduce illness, hospitalizations, and death.

Foodborne Outbreak Disease Information and Fast Fact Flyers

2012 DETECT II Foodborne Outbreak (FBO) Strategies Training

ADPH conducted 3 one-day FBO Strategies Trainings. Over 210 people were trained and represented public health, food service industry, cooperative extension, notifiable disease reporters including, but not limited to, hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, nurses, laboratory, day cares, and schools.

2012 DETECT II FBO Folder

2011 DETECT Foodborne Outbreak Strategies

In 2011, Infectious Diseases & Outbreaks Division (EPI) conducted 11 DETECT (Decrease Epidemiological Threats with Environmental Controls and Testing) Foodborne Outbreaks (FBO) Strategy Training statewide. Public health staff (~250) statewide were educated on a coordinated approach to investigate FBOs.

2011 DETECT FBO Manual

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