Oral Health

 Our Mission

The Oral Health Branch is dedicated to preventing dental disease for Alabama's citizens by promoting and developing quality, cost-effective community and school-based preventive, educational and early treatment programs which emphasize elimination of oral health disparities.

Oral Health is an essential and integral component of health throughout life. No one can be truly healthy unless he or she is free from the burden of oral diseases and conditions. Millions of people in the United States experience dental caries and periodontal disease resulting in needless pain and suffering.

Dental caries is largely a preventable disease. Preventive, educational and early treatment programs are the focus of the Oral Health Branch.

The Oral Health Branch has developed the following materials to help educate Alabamians on the benefits of healthy teeth and gums.

Our Programs

The Oral Health Branch accomplishes its mission through several programs. These include oral health education programs and materials, community water fluoridation, and the dental screening program.

Fluoridation Conference graphic

Oral health data from various sources are available that characterize the oral health of Alabama's children and adults. These include indicators of oral health.

Finally, information is available on locating a dentist throughout the state. Public health clinics, Medicaid providers, ALLKids providers, and other dental provider lists are also available.

Call (334) 206-2924 or contact us via email to obtain further information.

Virtual Education Conference: Oral Health & Community Water Fluoridation

The Oral Health & Community Water Fluoridation Conference for Alabama public water system operators is scheduled for Thursday, October 22 at 9 a.m. See our flyer for details on this year's virtual conference. Online registration is now open.

Page last updated: September 9, 2020