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Strategic Plan

ADPH leadership works together to develop and implement the 5-year strategic plan, including the updated Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Each year of this strategic plan will be guided by an Annual Work Plan to bring together teams to create a concentrated effort on key areas of the 5-year plan.



To promote, protect, and improve Alabama’s health


Healthy People. Healthy Communities. Healthy Alabama.

Core Values

Excellence – We believe in providing the highest quality services to our clients. We believe all clients should be served with compassion, empathy, fairness, and respect.

Integrity – We believe our employees should be professional, competent, honest, and knowledgeable; maintaining the highest level of integrity, accountability, confidentiality, and concern for our clients. We believe in always striving to maintain the public trust.

Innovation – We believe that we should demonstrate the ability to adapt to change and to be flexible in our approach to solving problems and providing services.

Community – We believe we should build and maintain internal and external partnerships to address public health challenges including effectively utilizing resources, solving problems, and building relationships.

2019 Annual Plan

In 2019, five Annual Planning Teams were established to address special projects or boost/expand current activities. Each team started by establishing a goal statement with measurable outcomes, a Project Lead, an Executive Sponsor, and team members who strategically include someone who will ensure documentation is maintained and someone to handle any data analysis that might be needed for the team. Each team meets monthly to assess where their efforts are and think through new opportunities to improve processes and improve the effectiveness of our programs.

The five 2019 Annual Planning Teams are:

  1. Improve Pregnancy Outcomes
  2. Increase Participation Rates in Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention Programs
  3. Increase Reimbursement for Services Provided in 2018 and 2019
  4. Establish a More Unified Workforce
  5. Increase the Number of Initiatives Reporting in InsightVision (ADPH's performance management dashboard)

Page last updated: February 2, 2024