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  • Alabama WIC is still open for business and has modified services throughout the state to help keep WIC families and staff safe. To find your local clinic or to learn more about the WIC program, download our free “Alabama WIC” app in your app store, call 1-888-942-4673 or e-mail wic@adph.state.al.us.
  • If you're due to pick up benefits, check your card balance first. Benefits may already be loaded onto your card.
  • If your clinic requested you e-mail proof of identity, residence or income, the e-mail address is: WICproofs@adph.state.al.us.

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Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is a supplemental nutrition program for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, women who had a baby within the last six months, infants, and children under the age of five. One must meet income requirements and have a nutritional risk that proper nutrition could help to improve.

The Alabama WIC Program offers free communication assistance at each clinic location. See Free Communication Assistance for more information. (en Español)

Do You Qualify for WIC?

To see if you may qualify, you must:

  • Meet income guidelines;
  • Be a resident of Alabama; and
  • Be seen by a health professional at the WIC clinic.

If you think you may qualify, please call your county health department to make an appointment. At the WIC appointment, you will need to bring all of the following:

  • Person applying for WIC (You, Infant, Child(ren)).
  • Proof of identification for parent/caretaker AND person applying for WIC (a driver's license, birth certificate, hospital birth card).
  • Proof of residence (a document with your street address on it, such as a lease or bill).
  • Proof of enrollment in Medicaid, SNAP or Family Assistance or Proof of current household income. Proof of income must include documentation of income for everyone that is working in the household during the past 30 days i.e. weekly pay (4 paycheck stubs), bi-weekly (2 paycheck stubs), monthly (1 paycheck stub).

At the appointment, once the above is documented, you will be evaluated for nutritional risk. Nutritional risk is one of the main qualifying factors in determining benefit eligibility for pregnant, postpartum, or breastfeeding women, infants and children under five. Call (888) 942-4673 to obtain further information.

Note: You may use the WIC Prescreening Tool to see if you might be eligible for WIC.

Nutrition Education Lessons on the Web

Did you know you can earn nutrition education (SNE) credit for completing lessons on the web? Go to Nutrition Education Lessons to see the lesson topics and choose the lesson you want to complete.

New Alabama WIC Mobile App

Stay up-to-date with current WIC news and have access to resources needed when applying for and participating in the WIC program. Download the free Alabama WIC app on your mobile device today!

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Free Communication Assistance

Free communication assistance is the use of an interpreter or other communication services to assist the participant to effectively communicate with clinic staff. Communication services include but are not limited to: qualified interpreter, language line, sign language interpreter, use of a qualified reader, information in large print, Braille, video remote interpreting, written notes, note takers, etc.

Asistencia Gratuita para la Comunicación

La asistencia gratuita para la comunicación consiste en el uso de un intérprete u otros servicios de comunicación para ayudar al participante a comunicarse efectivamente con el personal de la clínica. Los servicios de comunicación incluyen, entre otras cosas, intérprete cualificado, servicio de interpretación telefónica, intérprete de lenguaje de señas, uso de un lector cualificado, información en tipografía grande, Braille, interpretación remota por video, notas escritas, personas que toman notas, etc.


Page last updated: April 12, 2021