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The Alabama Department of Public Health's Data Website is dedicated to providing useful data to support public health professionals, researchers, policymakers, the community, and health agencies to become more effective in the application of health data. We store and organize health data from our vital statistics system and health surveys and make the data available through this website. We combine our data with Alabama data from other sources such as the U.S. Census, and national surveys and reports.

Where we live has a huge impact on our health. By examining targeted health data specific to a particular county or ZIP Code, we are able to identify issues and take action to help create and sustain a healthier Alabama.

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You can search for data by health topics on Health Topics A-Z.

All of our dashboards are available on Dashboards.

All of our reports are available on Reports.


Citation: Please use the following citation in any publication or release that uses or references data from the website: "These data were provided by the Alabama Department of Public Health. The Department specifically disclaims responsibility for any analyses, interpretations, or conclusions."

Page last updated: October 10, 2023