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Community Health Advisors Initiative Training

August 2022

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Community Health Workers provide a vital role in connecting individuals to vital health care and services. The trust and relationships that they have help in facilitating and increasing access to care and other health services. The Alabama Department of Public Health, Family Planning Division partnered with the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop and deliver this training.

The Office of Community Outreach and Engagement has over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering training utilizing the Community Health Workers Model. OCOE adapts training to meet the needs of individual organizations and their program outcome. This training was designed to guide CHWs in increasing utilization of the local health departments in promoting health care services, specifically around uptake in HPV vaccination and testing.

Acknowledgment (1 page) 
Table of Contents
(2 pages) 

Module 1: Community Engagement 101

PPT Handouts (30 pages)

Module 2: Developing Community Outreach Education Strategies

PPT Handouts (31 pages)

Module 3: Delivering Community Outreach Education (55 minutes)

Handouts (29 pages)

Module 4: Putting It All Together (40 minutes)

Handouts (27 pages)

Module 5: Developing You - Professional Development Essentials (50 minutes) 

Handouts (25 pages)

Module 6: Know the Policies and Procedures (23 minutes) 

Handouts (11 pages)


Resources (16 pages)


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