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On Demand October 26, 2006

Ensuring Quality in the Collaborative Practice

Broadcast Date: October 26, 2006 | (2 hours)


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Program Overview

Alabama's Doctors of Medicine and Osteopathy and Advanced Practice Nurses need to be especially careful these days in ensuring that they adhere to protocols in collaborative practice. Many Alabama practitioners are aware that the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners has hired a registered nurse to visit private doctor's offices and medical clinics to ensure collaborative practice rules are followed. For the medical practitioner, it's best to make sure those procedures are in good order before the inspector arrives.

While the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners has no authority to discipline nurses, the agency can and does make reports to the Alabama Board of Nursing, which holds licensure authority over nurses. Collaborative agreements between physicians and advanced practice nurses are authorized by the Title 34, Chapter 21, Code of Alabama 1975. The Alabama Legislature and the U.S. Congress recognize that the public is well-served by the agreements, which provide highly skilled care at relatively economical rates. Clinics staffed by nurse practitioners are especially important in rural areas traditionally under-served by medical practitioners.

The statutes and administrative rules apply strict guidelines to the practices, and failure to adhere to those standards can get the nurse and/or physician in trouble with licensure agencies. The best defense is knowing your protocol. Know what you legally can and cannot do.


Charlene B. Cotton, MSN, RN
Nurse Consultant
Advanced Practice Nursing
Alabama Board of Nursing

Cheryl S. Thomas, MSM, RN
Collaborative Practice Inspector
Alabama Board of Medical Examiners

Patricia Enfinger, RN
Collaborative Practice Inspector
Alabama Board of Medical Examiners

Ray Hudson, MD
Physician Consultant
Alabama Board of Medical Examiners

Target Audience

Doctors of Medicine and Osteopathy and Advance Practice Nurses (with an Alabama license) including CRNPs and CNMs involved in a collaborative practice agreement in a private practice setting. While this program is specifically designed for Alabama private practice practitioners, other individuals in both Alabama and other states, are welcome to view the program.

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