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On Demand November 30, 2006

Lessons From the Storm - Crisis and Collaboration

Broadcast Date: November 30, 2006 | (1 hour, 30 minutes)


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Program Overview

The lessons learned, and lessons still being taught, from Hurricane Katrina can assist all healthcare and family assistance providers in providing for future disasters. This session will be conducted by Harold Suire, a consultant with over 20 years experience in the state policy arena, who was called upon by the state of Louisiana in the aftermath of Katrina to coordinate the myriad of groups and foundations from throughout the nation and world. He will share his on-the-ground observations of collaboration and challenges in the vortex of one of the greatest natural disasters in the United States. We will learn how lives were, and still are, in jeopardy while leaders, agencies, and groups fought and acted on policy, credit, regulations, funds, and turf. We will also learn about the resiliency of providers and citizens and the power of collaboration and action for the greater good.


Harold Suire
Licensed Emergenetics Specialist
Education, Research, and
Information Services, Inc.

Target Audience

State or local public health workers, nurses, physicians/clinicians, business/community/civic leaders, environmental health professionals, health educators, laboratory professionals, law enforcement, occupational/industrial professionals, planners, policy makers/analysts, students (MPH and other graduate/post graduate).

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None for this program.

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