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On Demand February 28, 2007

Pandemic Influenza: Planning and Execution for Law Enforcement Response

Broadcast Date: February 28, 2007 | (2 hours, 30 minutes)


Handouts (21 pages)
Law Enforcement in Public Health Emergencies (39 pages)
Letter from Secretary of Health Services (1 page)
Law Enforcement Check List (1 page)

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Summit Goal

To inform the law enforcement community about pandemic influenza, to review plans at the state and national levels and to foster planning efforts for a pandemic event.

Summit Overview

The summit will address the need for awareness and preparation for the potential impact of a pandemic to cities and counties, the importance of planning and law enforcement's role in preparing for such an event.


Donald E. Williamson, MD
State Health Officer
Alabama Department of Public Health

Tony Frazier, DVM
State Veterinarian
Alabama Department of Public Health

William Smock, MD
Police Surgeon
Metro Police Department Professor
Division of Protective Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine
Louisville, Kentucky

Steven M. Edwards, PhD
Senior Policy Advisor for Law Enforcement
Bureau of Justice Assistance
U.S. Department of Justice

Target Audience

Law enforcement officers, personnel managers and decision makers-police chiefs and assistant chiefs, sheriffs, deputy chiefs and assistant sheriffs chiefs, and planning/operational officers, government officials and tribal police.

Contact Hours

None for this program.

Contact for Technical Assistance

Call 334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

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