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On Demand September 24, 2007

ADPH Family Planning Protocol: Updates and Changes

Broadcast Date: September 24, 2007 | (1 hour, 45 minutes)


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Post-Conference Materials

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Program Overview

The Family Planning Program of the Alabama Department of Public Health is sponsoring this program for ADPH area and county staff on newly revised protocol that will be implemented in October 2007. The focus will include training on two new contraceptive methods: the Essure sterilization procedure and the contraceptive implant called Implanon. Staff will learn about this new procedure and product, including appropriate patient candidates, completion of consent, and patient education. This program will also include the review of the newly revised Adolescent/Adult History and Physical Assessment Forms (CHR-12 A & B) which will be implemented in October as well.


Laurie Stout, BSN, RN
Nurse Consultant
Bureau of Family Health Services
Alabama Department of Public Health

Annie Vosel, BSN, RN
Plan First Manager
Bureau of Family Health Services
Alabama Department of Public Health

Christine Donahue, CRNP
Implanon Representative

Lance Thrash, BSN, RN
Essure Representative

Target Audience

Public health workforce, healthcare providers, individuals working with populations in need of lifestyle change, first responders, physicians, nurses, health educators and mental health professionals.

Contact Hours

Nurses ABON 1.2 hours, ASNA 1.0 hours
Social Workers 1.0 hours
CRNP Pharmacology 1.2 hours

Contact for Technical Assistance

Call 334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

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