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On Demand January 16, 2008

International Public Health Education: The Experience from MPH Programs in Developing Settings Worldwide

Broadcast Date: January 16, 2008 | (1 hour, 30 minutes)


R. Cash, MD, MPH - MPH Program (15 pages)
Gregory Pappas, MD, MPH (13 pages)
R. Cash, MD, MPH - BRAC Program (13 pages)

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Program Overview

Richard Cash, MD, MPH - MPH Program

The program has produced over 150 public health leaders at the MPH level now serving at district and national program levels, with some in international organizations. Graduates of the program have provided much needed public health leaders to manage health care delivery under Uganda’s decentralization policy. Continuing shortages are being addressed and MUIPH started a distance education based MPH in 2004 to scale up the program and reduce time students spend away from work.

Gregory Pappas, MD, PhD

The Aga Khan University in Pakistan was founded in 1983 and its Department of Community Health Sciences is the premier public health education agency in the country. Dr. Pappas introduces the department and describes the population health challenges in Pakistan, the current status of medicine and public health and the steps that are being taken to strengthen the field.

Richard Cash, MD, MPH - BRAC

BRAC, one of the most influential NGOs worldwide, based in Bangladesh, has implemented a new paradigm in public health education in the developing setting. The newly established James P. Grant School of Public Health (part of BRAC University) benefits from the unique opportunities that Bangladesh and BRAC offer in the area of public health, community development, and a variety of global health experiences.

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