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On Demand April 3, 2009

Working With Hearing Loss In An Aging Population

Broadcast Date: April 3, 2009 | (2 hours)
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Handouts (44 pages, 2 MB)
Communication Tips (2 pages)
Determining Hearing Loss (4 pages)
Elderly Hearing Loss (6 pages)
Hearing Range Chart (3 pages, 4 MB)
Mental Health Practice (9 pages)
Transcript of Program (13 pages)

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Close Captioning is available for portions of this program. To print out a transcript of the portions that are not captioned, see Handouts/Resources.

Program Overview

During this program we will discuss how to ensure that case management services are accessible to those with hearing loss and are delivered in compliance with legislation.

For more information, view the conference flyer.

Target Audience

This is a required 2009 In-service for Waiver Case Managers employed by the Alabama Department of Public Health. It may be of interest to anyone who works with patients with hearing loss.

Contact Hours

None for this program.

Contact for Technical Assistance

Call 334-206-5618 or email ALPHTN.

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